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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

I have not posted to this blog in forever. I am still involved in crafting but with graduate school and then a new career as a Family Nurse Practitioner I have not had the time nor energy to devote to the blog.  If you want a career to take over your life you may want to go into medicine.  Not nursing, I was never this consumed by my career until I started as a FNP.  14 hour days and still working on my day off to finish charts

I am currently helping out in the children's Sunday School at my church and produce a craft almost weekly for the students.  In the last few weeks we have been studying creation, including animals.  Each child choose a favorite animal and I cut them out from HTV on my Silhouette and a helper helped them to transfer it to the small tote bag.  I used the 2/1.25 tote bags from the Dollar Tree.  Of course I still had to do all the weeding and prep. 

Here's a quick peek at my design board for the animal transfers. 

I did not get a pic of the finished totes or the kids but here is one of my mistakes (I accidently got the heat press on the tote not covered by the parchment paper) to give you an idea how they turned out.

I use HTVRont vinyl and I really like it.  It is usually less than $1 for a square foot (even less in larger amounts) and weeds well.  

Here is my first/trial bag.  I used HTV vinyl from Dollar Tree (did you know they had HTV Vinyl?).  The vinyl is very thick but also pretty easy to weed. 
There are 3 colors, neon yellow, green and pink.  At least that is all I could find.  the price is more than HTVRont vinyl but - get this - it is thick and does not stretch much.  It is stable enough so that I was able to take the shadow parts and do an image on the reverse. BONUS!
This was not intentional but I nice little bonus.  In fact I think I may like it better than the original.  

Well that's all for today.  I hope to start posting more soon.  As I am getting closer to retirement age I will be cutting down my hours to one day less.  so maybe I will get my blogging vision back again.  Here's hoping! 

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