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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bird Card, using PhotoShop Elements

OK, I was still fiddling with the card and deciided to print out some blocks of digital paper with a design and then cut.  It worked well. This is a picture of the printout with the color blocks after cutting.

Here is the final card made from these elements.  The papers are from the same collection, Banner Day, and were altered in PSE to change the Hue/color.   A little card bling and the card is finished.   Sentiment on the inside, so this could also be used as a note card.


Dionne said...

This is really cool. Can you explan more on how you cut the 12 by 12 in PSE to the size you needed, and did you print from PSE?

Nelda said...

Dionne, I look at the color block on the MTC mat and draw in a rectangular box in PSE of that size and place it in the same exact place (using the rulers to guide me). I then bring in a digital paper and group (Ctrl-G) the two. This "cuts" the digital paper to the size of the box. This is often called a "clipping mask". I did a quick search and found a tutorial here: http://www.alibony.com/pse/020708layer-mask.html

Nelda said...

Dionne, I did print from PSE. Since I was using cardstock, I choose borderless printing so that I could get to the edge if needed and there was no change in the size of my printout. Then I took the printout and placed it on the cricut mat for cutting. HTH.