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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Using your own patterns (fills) in Silhouette Studio

I went exploring, looking for the way to back up your files in Soilhouette Studio. The files are encrytped but you can do a back-up so that you will not loose them. While doing that, I found the "Patterns" folder and went exploring and experimenting....and found a way to import and use your own pattern.

This is probably just useful if you have a pattern that you use all the time. It involves overwriting one of the the original patterns so some people will be a little hesitant to try it. But I made a back-up first and figured I couldn't make any irreparable mistakes!

Find the Silhouette program files on your computer. Every OS one is a little different, but here is where mine are on my Vista:
See the arrows? The com.aspexsoftware.silhouette folder? That is the folder that contains the encrypted library files. Back it up and you have a back-up of your library files. I obtained this information second hand - but originally from a Silhouette support person - at http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/14293/you-can-back-up-new-silhouette-designs-from-their-online-store/p1  Be warned - there is a lot of baggage and drama in the discussion, just weed through it looking for the good information!

OK, but on to patterns. See the patterns folder - with the "?" mark? The patterns in the subfolders are actually the ones you see in the Silhouette Studio program! Doesn't this look familiar?
I thought I would experiment and add in one of my own patterns. No  problem - I just copied it over into one of the sub-folders, opened up SS and went looking.  :-( No good, this did not work.

But then I though, maybe it needs the original name. So I renamed my pattern to same as one of their files, and copied it in. Voila! I have my own fill.  Now it still shows up as in the menu choice as their pattern (the red-orange argyle) but when I select it, it fills with my pattern!

Here is my pattern, notice how it is renamed as red-orange argyle.png:
And here is is used to fill an object in SS, notice that the red-orange argyle still shows in the menu (but I know it is my fill, lo!):
Again, this is not perfect but if there are some patterns that you never use and want to change them out for your own, it can be done. And if I can do this (I have some computer experience, but I am definitely no hacker!) then there is hope that the makers of SS will re-write the program to allow us to add our own fills. Hope that helps! Happy crafting!

Oh, and by the way, you can already use your own patterns in Make-the-Cut!. They are called "textures" but it is a very easy to process to add your own in MTC. In MTC it is important that they are less than 256x256 pixels in size, otherwise they slow down Windows. IMHO MTC is actually superior to SS in both ease of use as well as options. Both programs trace image files but with MTC you can also use SVGs, something that SS cannot do at this time.


Linda said...

I have windows 7 and have been unable to do this or to backup the files. I get a message saying that Adminstrator permission is required to copy the file. I am logged on as adminstrator and can't seem to do it.

Nelda said...

Linda I am not using Win & so I don't know how to help you. You may want to contact Silhouette America and ask them how this can be done in Win 7. Or you can log-in to the MTC forum and ask the original poster of the comment. HTH.

Katie Butler said...

This was so helpful. I added some of my own patterns and was so confused when they didn't show up. Now they do. Thanks!

April said...

Hi Everyone!

I figured out how to add patterns to your library in Silhouette. I downloaded one pattern from the store first, to see where the files were stored. It created a "my patterns" folder in my silhouette library. I then went to Google, searched for patterns, saved some to my computer as jpgs and then imported into my Silhouette library like you would with any graphic. I moved them into the "my patterns" folder and they now show up in the fill column along with all of the stock fills!

ink Impressions said...

April - I'm trying to figure out exactly what you did. I have a Silhouette pattern that I bought and so I have a My Pattern folder as well that shows up in my library and in my pattern fill. However, when you said you saved Googled patterns to your Silhouette library like you would do with a graphic - what do you mean?

Not your average "Supermom" said...

Worked very well for me! Thank you!!

Mary said...

With the software that came with my Cameo I am able to use the "Import to my Library" command under the File menu to put all my digi papers in the My Patterns folder. When you import them they show up in the library. Then just click on them and drag them to the My Patterns folder. You can then use them like any of the patterns that came with your Cameo. Hope this helps.

Charmaine said...

Hi. I was wondering if you could help me figure out why my digital papers won't fill my images in studio. I have the Designer Edition of studio and use a windows operating system. I get an error message. I have purchased several digital papaer packs and would like to use them. Thanks

Nelda said...

Charmaine, you need to email Silhouette about this. Previous versions allowed you to fill with digital papers but Silhouette has since removed the ability to do this with the updated versions. My understanding is that they want you to purchase the fills that they have in their store rather than using what you may already have.

Anonymous said...

What?! That is so not ok to remove that functionality. I use the fill feature all the time with my own papers and patterns.

I was wondering why it wouldn't let me add any new ones lately. Grrr...

Thanks Nelda!


T to the Essa said...

I know this is a super duper old post, but I thought I would add that all you have to do is open your library, click on "My Patterns" up at the top left, then drag and drop your patterns in there. They'll appear under the "Fill Pattern" section, like where you can change your background to that argyle background... they'll be at the very bottom.

Hope this makes sense and helps anyone who needs it. :)

Nelda said...

T, I know that SS has updated multiple times, and the functions and abilities have changed. I believe that the way I described is no longer viable, so it is good to have another way to do this noted in the post comments. Thanks!