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Friday, November 18, 2011

Snowmen and cakepops

I recently purchased this
..and I have had some fun playing with it. They are super easy (I just use a cake mix and make it regular) and they bake in just 4 minutes! I use the directions from this video
In this, she unplugs it after about 2 minutes and lets it steam for the remainder of the time. I find that this gives soft, moist cake pops.

For coating, I use the Almond Bark from WalMart. and usually sprinkles. I don't usually put them on sticks, instead I put cupcake toppers on them.
These toppers were made using the Birthday Fishes set from Lettering Delights.
I also had a matching card and gift bag.
But today I decided to use the topper as part of the design itself - to make a snowman!
For this design, I used a card kit from the Silhouette store, card_snowman_kit_C01097_19210, and just modified the design so that I just cut the head and scarf. I doubled this (mirror image) so that I could fold them down. Here's a look at my layout.
A toothpick, a little red sticky tape and you are done! It's that easy.


MichelleMyBelle said...

They look so yummy!! Cute toppers.

sarahmfry said...

Love your cake ball maker! We are cakepop fanatics these days around here. : ) See you soon!!

The Dickinsons said...

I too love your cake ball maker. How neat. Your cake pops are adorable! =)

It was so nice to hear from you. Thanks for the med. advice. I have another question. Can I take one of those 2 sinus meds. you mentioned while taking an antibiotic for a UTI? Thanks for being my nurse!

Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog. Nice to know you are reading. =)