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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Freebie and a Sneak peak!

They have a cute little desktop calendar for May waiting for you at Lettering Delights - for free! (ends Sunday)

And at check out, you can buy the new SVG Rise and Shine for only $2! What a great deal and don't forget to use the coupon in your email receipt.
And don't forget - there is a MTC Blog Hop starting May 1st! I am the hostess on May 4 but you will want to join in for all of the Hop.

Party on!

Thank you everybody for all the nice comments in the last few days. I enjoy reading them. And today I have yet another card for you. My mojo is flowing well now, hope it doesn't get bogged down after the weekend of work!

This is for a very special lady in my church who is turning 96 this week. I tried to come up with a demure traditional card for her, but it just was not in me!

The image is from Lettering Delights Party Pal graphic set. I designed, printed and cut the card in Silhouette Studio; designed and printed the envie in MTC.

Here's the screen shot of Silhouette Studio before printing and cutting. The font at the top is Fancy Pants (free at dafont), at the bottom Dancin Let (also free here).

Here's the screen shot of my MTC screen before printing:

The texture and the envie are my own design so I can share with you (but not the graphic; sorry, you'll have to pick it up at Lettering Delights). Hey, I just now realized I was not consistent and used yet another font spiced things up with another font on the front! I liked the little sparkles (which I guess are really snowflakes); you can get the font Frosty here and the MTC file here.

I blinged out the front with the Gelly Roll clear Stardust pen. I love the sublte bling that it gives; you can't really see it in the picture but I know it is there.

I hope that I can be as active, healthy, and blessed as my friend is at 96. Enjoy and have a blessed day! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We all live in a yellow submarine...

I'm a star! Well, not really but I have my head dubbed over Ringo Starr's head on a video and I feel like a star. This video is for Nurses' Day (May 6) and was taped this last month. I hope to be able to share it with you soon.  But that brings me to this card... the song we lip-sync'd to (different lyrics of course) was "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles. The Beatles...Yellow Submarine...and I needed a Thank-You card for the videographer. So of course, it had to be the yellow sub from the Seven Seas graphic set at LD.

I designed and printed this card in Silhouette Studio, and designed the envie in MTC. Because I will hand deliver the envie, I could decorate the front of it as well.  The picture above shows the back flap. Here is the front of the envie:

I brought the image into Silhouette Studio, shadowed it at 0.125 for the blue, then again at about 0.150 for the base. I duplicated the bigger shadow, flipped it horizontally and welded it to the other for a base. The submarine is popped-up on the front. The saying goes on the left inside, with the remainder of the card left for signatures. The screen looked like this when I was ready to print and cut:

Here is the screen shot from MTC for the envie before printing:
I used the font "Yellow Submarine", free from dafont. It unzips to be called Beatles.

Hope you enjoy this card! I love the bright colors and retro feel of it. If you don't already have it, you can grab this set for $1 (or the SVG for $2) while they are on sale - only 1 more day left!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My favorite little monster

OK, I guess I am on a roll making cards for boys! This little monster was found here (along with lots of other files!) and I could not resist turning him into a card for my favorite little monster. My friend's three-almost-four (in one month) year old son asked her why he didn't get any mail - so this little guy is all set to go out to Caiden soon. Hey Buddy, you've got mail!
Love those little chompers! I am thinking of adding googly eyes to him as well but I am not sure how it will stand up to mailing and he's awful cute like he is.

I used both MTC and Silhouette Studio for this project. I started out with the image, brought it into MTC to break and color. I applied a texture to the sky and plain colors elsewhere. When I was finished my MTC screen looked like this:

I selected all and exported to png. I brought the png into Silhouette Studio, did some shadowing for the sentiment and made a base to fit the image with two "round rectangles" (that's what SS calls them) welded together.  I added an extra monster so I could pop him up on the card. Here is what my SS screen shot looked like when ready to Print-n-Cut:

From here it was all PnC in Silhouette Studio. I designed the envie in MTC and added a twist by having the image on the back of the envie line up. You can see it here:
and here with the flap open slightly:

You can also see the banding on my printer (almost time for a new print head). It does not do this with the photo paper, only on copy paper. And BTW, here is a good example of the difference between the two different types of paper, coated and uncoated inkjet paper. The envie is printed on 24# Premium Inkjet Paper (with color lok) and the card is printed on Royal Brites Matte Photo Paper (9 mil, or 200 gsm, I think that works out to about 53 #). The coating on the Royal Brites makes that much of a difference!  (photo is unaltered other than cropping and lowered screen resolution)

I really am not comfortable sharing the MTC file with the graphic (the site states that the images are "property of Activity Village and are for personal, classroom and library use only") but I can share the MTC envie file without the image, click here. And you can pick up the image for free from the above site. So go make some little monsters!

Tanks a lot!

I have trouble making cards for boys so I have been working on a few lately. This one could be used as a Thank you card for or from a boy.

I used the graphic set Get a Job (you could also use the SVG if you wanted the parts already separated).

I mirrored the tank to turn it around, then added a shadow of a darker color to give it depth. I shadowed again in white, which I used as the base for the shaped card. The font for "Tanks" is Bookworm (free here), this was shadowed just enough that the shadow touched and connected the word. I cut these out from Silhouette Studio as Print-n-Cut, using the registration marks. In order to fit the card on the page, I rotated it. The inside is left blank for your own sentiment.
The envelope is my own design, you can download it here. It was designed and printed from MTC. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two for Tuesday at Lettering Delights

This is a new look for them, a new style. Check out the Two for Tuesday bundle at Lettering Delights this week.
And of course, don't forget the newest graphics, Bento sets. 

Tomorrow.....I hope to post a new card that I made for a special little boy. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bento sets - grab them while they are on sale!

These are so cute! Only on sale until Thursday (image is linked). 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lettering Delights - 40% off coupon!

You do realize that this deal is 40% off if you buy $25 worth! On top of the Dollar Sale, this is a great bargain!

Oh yes, the Dollar Sale ends next Thursday.  (If this does not work, try easterbasket - it may still be working!)

(oops! I had a $ in there instead of the %, changed now!)

More freebies - just in time for the Royal Wedding!

Lettering Delights is sharing these files to help celebrate the Royal Wedding of William and Kate (image is linked, scroll down).

Friday Freebie - in time for crafting for Easter!

Print out the pdfs and let your children assemble these for Easter decorations - make them all one color or mix and match! There is also a svg version if you would like to use colored papers (image is linked).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter chick cupcake wrapper

This little guy is just begging to be used for your Easter table decorations. Now you do have to use a little imagination, there are no cupcakes in the house (and if there were I would have already eaten them!) so just imagine and this cutie can be at your house too! Sorry -  I had to substitute a rolled washcloth for the cupcake.

I used the head from one of the chicks on Chicky Poo (file 02) for the head of this chickie. The wrapper itself was designed in MTC, exported to png, imported into Silhouette Studio and printed from there as a print and cut. 

Grab the graphics here or click on the image below.

You can get the MTC file here (file will download automatically when clicked). 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two for Tuesday at Lettering Delights

I just bought this set (drats!), if I had waited I would have received the alphabet free. They are very cute and spring-y. (image is linked)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Freebies!

Both LD and MyScrapChick have some cute freebies today, be sure to pick them up. The LD monster is ready to dispense your Easter candy (image is linked).

You need to sign up for the MyScrapChick newsletter to get the link for this freebie, but it is oh-so cute. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come and go with me to...

...play, run, laugh, jump!

An invite card for my friend's little boy. He is all boy at 3 and loves to rough house. I usually make girly cards so this one was stretching me a bit, lol!

Lettering Delights Let's Play graphic set was used with this card (image is linked).

$5 off $15 purchase at Lettering Delights

I tried this out and it will allow the discount on graphics sets as well. FYI, I did have 3 fonts in my order, so maybe you have to have at least some fonts, lol!
Code is DollarFonts.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate covered Strawberies

No reason for this post other than to celebrate chocolate!  I took this photo at my friend's wedding shower. The food was great, the mingling was good and the gifts were flowing!

Birthday Girl card

Who doesn't have a little girl in their life? And what better way to celebrate than with this wonderfully simple card. And don't limit yourself to a birthday - this can be used for any reason to celebrate!

I used the LD graphic set Birthday Dress Up for the graphics, and cut out the pop-up on the front with my Silhouette.
(image is linked)

The Silhouette is my "go-to" cutter right now, I am getting used to the Silhouette Studio (and its quirks and limitations). The cuts are very accurate. I used the Royal Brites Matte Photo Paper (100 shts/$11 at Sam's Club), designed and printed this through SS.

The Royal Brites paper is great for graphics - the colors really pop. But I do not like it as well as the Kodak Photo Paper for photos of persons. The Royal Brights is not quite as defined with the darker colors in photos. It is double-sided (the Kodak is not) and thick. It is listed as 9 mil/200 gsm but it actually feels heavier than the GP 110# card stock and I do have to cut it at 5 on the click blade holder. It is perfect for graphics and is my new favorite for this application.  My previous favorite was Staples Brochure and Flyer Paper (matte white, double sided, 8 mil/170 gsm) at 0.17 each (150 shts for $25).

Whoo Hoo! Freebies all day at Lettering Delights!

OK, the picture says it all! Head on over to Lettering Delights for their freebies! (image is linked). Freebies are released every hour but can be accessed over the next day (until Thursday midnight).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Freebie!

Easter Treat Holder

I made this cute little Treat holder, and embellished it with the lamb from Sheepy to personalize it for Easter. These will be for the Sunday School kids, they will make the craft and then we will add the treat for them.
These are made dimensional by the addition of pop-ups for the hair and the hooves (hoofs?).

 You can download the MTC file for the treat holder here and the purchase the Sheepy graphic set here (image is linked as well).
FYI: I also altered the sheepy by removing the bow in PSE so that it was not so girlish. 

Freebies, freebies, freebies!

Two Easter freebies and then a freebie set.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wedding Shower Tea....

I've been invited to a Wedding Shower Tea -  so of course, I thought of the graphic set Cuppa Tea from Lettering Delights (on sale now!).
This was perfect - her wedding colors are red, white and black.  I used Silhouette Studio to make this card and my new Silhouette SD for the print and cut for the pop-up of the teapot. There is a cut out heart on the front that allows a peek-a-boo to the heart with their name on it inside. 
The heart shadow on the tag was left over from the heart cut-out on the front. I used Glossy Accents on the heart on both projects and also the black parts on the card. I hope to add more pictures tomorrow when I have better light.