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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank you cards 3"x3"

I usually make full size cards or shaped cards but these little cards are so popular that I thought I would try them.
They are just the right size for a quick Thank-you note. I used MTC to design the file, using Lettering Delights Pun Intended graphic set for the bird.
I traced by alpha to get the base shape and then by color to get the 2 colors. Here is what the MTC layout looked like after tracing (yes there was enough room to make 2 per sheet). I used paper from "The November 2009 Paper Collection" (purchased this last Wednesday on special for a Buck!) to make a texture that I used to fill the mat. This could also be filled with a Basic Tile from Lettering Delights.
  I printed this out on HP Inkjet Brochure paper, 48# and cut on the Silhouette with the red cap at 25.

This little birdie came without an eye (poor birdie) so I added one. I wasn't sure about the eye so I tried it both ways - I think I like the closed eye better, what do you think?
The bird is popped-up from the background and the wing is popped-up from the base. The inside of the card is simple - just "You're so tweet!". I used Crazy Girls Blond for the the font. I also played around some with the phrase in a few other fonts.
I also made an envie for the card, which I can share without restriction. I have the card and the envire on 2 pages in this file. You will have to add the bird and textures from your purchases. Enjoy!
BTW, I printed the second sheet (with the envie) on HP Brochure Paper 32# and cut to the Silhouette with the red tip at 12.

Wild Wednesday at Lettering Delights - check out the deals!

OK, so no more Dollar Days (sad, so sad  :-( ) but instead LD is trying some Daily Deals.
Here are each of the deals (scroll down - there's a freebie in there!):

 (You found the freebie!!)

So some super special deals - check them out!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Ghostin' we will go, a-ghosting we will go....

OK, I am usually not the person who celebrates Halloween due to to pagan nature of the holiday,. But this newer tradition has caught my interest because it involves small surprises (nice - nothing naughty) for unsuspecting neighbors or co- workers. I was "ghosted" last year and thought it was a fun way to celebrate this time of the year with good will - not evil wishes and witches. What a great way to pay it forward and spread the cheer!

Some call it ghosting, some call it boo-ing, but what ever you call it it is a great little gesture to others. I plan to deposit these small treats on my co-workers desks after they are gone for the day and see if it spreads - here's hoping that it does. What fun! But I am not sure if I need to ghost myself as well so that I am not a suspect! The whole goal s to keep it secret  - a true RAK.
I intentionally made these designs in B&W so that they could be copied by the recipient to use for their own ghosting. I am thinking of adding some color, either with highlighter markers or with something that can be removed prior to copying. I think it needs some color!  Although they suggest paying it forward to 2 others, I am seeding the project with 12 to start with.

I printed my own digital paper, using the freebie paper from here. I printed them on my Canon printer to HP Presentation Paper32# (BTW - this is on sale this week at Staples - buy one HP paper, get one free!) on the matte photo setting, and cut each into quarters. I did not use MTC for this, just the printer utility that comes with the Canon printers (currently I am using the Canon MP610 and refill my own inks). Each quarter will make one "sour cream" treat container.
  I found a video on how to assemble the sour cream containers on you-tube. There are many vids but this is the one I used. I used my ATG gun to run adhesive along the roll edge and then staples for the ends. It wasn't intentional, but these make a great stand for the poem with the little ghost peeking out from behind.
I got the poem from here and altered it for the work environment. Isn't that little ghostie peeking out so cute!
The graphics are from Lettering Delights Monster bundle from Monday.  The ghost is the green one from Frank's Friends, I just changed the color to white when I traced it in by color. The cat is from Spooktacular.

Here is a look at my layout for the poems.
 I printed these from MTC (although it was not necessary - I did no cutting from MTC to this design), then cut the papers in quarters on my Making Memories paper cutter (the best! I love that cutter, it is worth the expense - I waited for a 50% off coupon at Micheal's and got it then), and rounded the corners with a Fiskars corner rounder (the larger size). Like I said, I think it needs a little color, maybe an orange ribbon or something. I'll have to work on that.

The ghostie himself is an enlargement of the Ghost from Frank's Friends. I thought the green one was the happier of the two!
This was printed out in MTC and cut from the Silhouette (I got a clean cut with the yellow cap at 25 for the HP Presentation Paper).

I have files for you - no graphics of course but they can be purchased through the links above. All you will have to do is drop in the graphics, print,cut, assemble and you are set to go -a-ghosting! Download here.

BTW, this is a good craft for younger kids to help with. I did these containers with an 8 and 10 y.o. and they thought they were fun and easy to do.

Two for Halloween Two for Tuesday and a Teacher's special - WOW!

In plenty of time to get projects ready for Halloween, LD has a special for us today. I love it that they are getting their specials out early enough that we have time to design and use them.
And don't forget - the Dog Days of Summer special is almost over.

Are you a teacher? A home-school-er? Lettering Delights has a new awesome deal for you - unlimited access for an entire year for about $130. That breaks down to just $11 a month! If you spend around that amount per month of graphics, then this is the deal for you!

This is a PILOT program, so I am not sure how long it will be available and if the terms may change in the future. If you are eligible, jump on board now!

Get hooked on UNLIMITED teachers-only access to thousands of fonts, colorful alphabets, graphics and clipart sets, printable tags and candybar wrappers, plus cut-it files for cutting machines at LetteringDelights.com all for just $130 for a whole year.

Hurry! This pilot beta program is available for a limited time and is reserved for a select number of professional teachers only**. Those eligible are teachers or student teachers of public, private, or charter institutions, or those who can provide proof of homeschooling their children. Please note, subscription will not be activated until proof has been received and approved.

Pay your annual membership fee to access the images you love in our easy-to-use online library. You can also download files directly to your computer to tackle all kinds of creative projects!

Build beautiful bulletin boards. Create darling student journals and scrapbooks. Personalize newsletters and notes. Design clever gifts and art. Customize practice pages and worksheets. Add colorful clipart and images to reports and assignments. And more!

Our teachers-only subscription allows you access to thousands of products in our current online gallery and dozens more added each month. This pilot program, available exclusively for teachers, will give you unlimited access for one full year to the following products:
  • Over 600 fonts valued at close to $2000
  • Over 700 colorful alphabet images valued at $2800
  • Close to 300 dingbat fonts valued at almost $900
  • Over 500 color graphic image sets (15 coordinating images per set) valued at $2100
  • 1200 pieces of clipart (in both black-and-white and color) valued at $300
  • Over 4000 cuttable files compatible with most electronic cutting machines valued at over $6000
Click here for the teacher subscription licensing information.
*Occasionally we will have licensed artists whose product will not be available via subscription.
**All sign-ups must provide proof of status as a professional teacher before online access will be granted. Burden of proof is on the teacher, we will accept proof of employment by written letter (submitted on letterhead), a copy of a teacher badge, paystub, teacher contract, etc.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monstrous Manic Monday bundle!

Are you ready to go ghosting? If so, LD has oodles of graphics that are perfect for your ghosting poem!

WHAT! you've never been ghosting? It's a great new Halloween tradition, check out this link to the Ghosting poem: http://beenghosted.com/ghostingletter2008.pdf I was ghosted last year in my office, so it does not have to be only in the neighborhood, just alter the poem as needed.

And here are some perfect graphic files, with spooky alphabets at a great price - just in time to make up your ghosting packages.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Silhouette images sale!

If you have a growing wish list, now may be the time to chisel away at it!

Two for Tuesday - Frank's Friends

 If you're in the mood for Monster Mash - then LD has a special for you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Manic Monday: Woodsy

Just in time for all your fall cards and projects - what a great collection of graphics!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Alphabet and free 30% off coupon at MyVinylDesigner

My Vinyl Designer is celebrating 3000 FB fans and are offering a free alphabet and also a 30% off on their sport-themed frames!

Friday Freebie - topper (for ghost poop)

I was out of town for personal concerns so I missed posting the Friday Freebie right away, but here it is! So cute, and in plenty of time so that we can make these up for Halloween treats.
Lettering Delights has also released a new collection as well the Sew Stitchy Cut-Its bundle (these are based on the Sew graphic sets). There are over 120 Cut-Its images in this collection - and all for $20.  And even better - add another file or two to get to $25 and you get $9 off (code = SewStitchy). That's 36% off!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two-for-Tuesday: Styling Birthdays

Do you have any birthdays coming up? I have more than 5 coming up very soon for family and close friends - September is a popular birthday month! And just in time, LD has a bundle to use for all those cards and scrapbook pages.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Better than the Imagine card - free MTC 4.0.1 file

I saw this card, and thought, "Hey, I can make that!" Her post and video can be found on her site.
I used the 8-pointed star and shadowed it to get the 8-petal flower shape. I found the leaves on-line and making a bracket can be done easily with the bracket key on the keyboard (you can also get an svg from here). Here is what my layout for the embellishments looked like:
The pink pattern is from the Basic Tiles, 035, changed to these settings:  1.04, 0.31, 1.76, -180, 0.77.
The green pattern is also from Basic Tiles 028, changed to these settings: 1.31, 0.12, 0.51, -87, 1.51.

I purchased the ribbon from Micheals in their Dollar bin. The slide I made myself from basic Shapes in MTC. After printing, I covered the shape on the paper with Aluminum tape (from Big Lots, about $5 for a large roll) before cutting.

I have a file for you that is made up of shapes that I designed (I included different leaves and it does not include the patterns) for you here or here (oops - these are in the newest file format for MTC 4.0.1, and should not be shared yet. Download at your own risk. Once the format is official, I will post it again).  You can get the Basic Tiles from LD (still on sale for $10 for all 100).
 (If you want to try to trace the file that I used for the leaves, just Google "leaf shape clip art" and find one you like.)

I think my card is better than the original - and all without an Imagine!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Manic Monday Sweet Nothings

A great price for this bundle - it comes out to only $1 a set. And the SVGs are $2 - only until Tuesday midnight.

Code for Lettering Delights

Still waiting for Monday Mania, but while we are waiting, there is a code for extra savings!

And just in case you live on the far side of the moon and have not heard - Make-the-Cut! released a 4.0.1 beta version. Beta means that he is looking for problems and bugs, so be aware (if you don't want to bother - just wait until the final version is released). The final version will be on the download page but the Beta is on the forum. And check out the goodies: node editing! re-sizing of textures of the fly! new mats! custom mats!  Too many features to list here, check out this post for all the details. Brian even has a video posted of the Webinar. 

Archiver's coupon 30% off through 9-14

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Head start on Halloween - freebie at LD

You can get a start now on your Halloween projects with this freebie from Lettering Delights, Spook Mode.
And for next week, here is a coupon for Michael's, 50% off. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Freebie - note box

Friday Freebie - try out the new not-so-cute cut boxes. These are the newest offering at LD, and match the new Forget Me Nots set.

New set at LD - Forget Me Nots

Ever wonder how to see the latest and greatest at Lettering Delights? You have to check out the "What's New" tab. There are usually no announcements, they just show up! Now you would think an announcement might help boost sales instead of items just appearing, right?....but that's just MHO.  

So here is the latest set from LD, something more sophisticated and elegant. 
The Friday Freebie is not posted yet - be back later with that (why are they always so late?)

Autumn-licious card

OK, so I just had to make the card with the owl from the Autumn-licious svg set.
I kept the colors in the blue range since I plan to use this one for a male birthday card. I also trimmed off the wings so that they remained orange in color - I felt like the card needed that little pop of color.

Here is what my layout for the paper piecing looked like.
I used the googly eyes again because as all of you have commented - it really does give him personality! I used the file from the last post (I did resize it just a smidge smaller) and used pop-dots to adhere him to the card. I filled the feather area with some Dimensional Magic to give him some shine.
Don't forget to pick up the SVG set while it is on sale this next week (image below s linked).