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Friday, October 14, 2011

Post-it note holder (free file)

These little holders have been around for a while but I did not have a MTC file for them. Stampin' Up demonstrators have several youtube vids about making them, so I thought I would give them a try -  they didn't look to hard.  I help out with a Sunday School class by bringing in simple crafts for the children to make and thought this would be a good one for them. So I set out to make the file in MTC so that all papers would  cut and scored and would only need to be assembled by the students.

Most instructions give dimensions and instructions for scoring but I have included these in the MTC file.  If you prefer to hand score, you can turn off the eye to the score layer and use the guides instead.

I actually used the guide notches and my MS scoring board to score the marks. You should be able to see the guide notches below.
(BTW, Micheals has a coupon this week for 50% off on MS scoring board, so you may want to pick one up if you don't already have one.)
I added a decorative highlight strip along the pen loop area. I like the extra pop of color! The fish holder shows the final position of the loop - most instructions have you make it about halfway down - which is what I did with the first ones (see B&W holder below). But with the small pens I used, I needed it to be closer to the top, so I moved it up some.
I cut these from Staples Photo Supreme matte double-sided paper (on sale this week - after rebate - for $1 for 50 sheets!) on the Silhouette with the red cap at 33, single cut. Here is what the layout looks like for the black holder.
I can get 2 holders with embellishments from one sheet of paper!  For the fish holder, there were more embellishments, here is how I laid them out:
The graphics for the fish holder are from Echo Park Splash Digital set.  The B&W design is from an Etsy vendor. I have included a polka texture for you in the file.
Some examples of the B&W holder.
 I have some holders cut out in the polka dot texture, but I am saving them for the kids to assemble so you will just have to use your imagination! The file is avalable for download here.

Edited to add: There has been a complaint that I did not credit appropriately. This idea is NOT original to me but the file is my original design.  I used the dimensions from this video to design the file and Dawn's original video was posted in May 2008. As I said, this idea has been around a long time!


Anonymous said...

So cute & practical too. Will make a couple for girlfriends-Thanks for sharing!

carol said...

These are wonderful! Thanks so much!!

scmiller777 said...

These are great. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank You!! These will make great gifts for people at the office!

Annette said...

thanks so much for the useful file!!!

Lynne Armstrong said...

Thanks Nelda, this is great. I've been making these by hand and thinking a cut file would be much better :) You've saved me cursing over MTC, trying to get it right lol I'm still not too competent at making files yet :(