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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin lollipop treats

This is another idea that has been around for a while but I have adapted it to MTC. There is a post here on the MTC forum about it and Karen said she adapted it from SplitCoast Stampers. I altered it further, making it smaller (to fit a DumDum sucker), more ovoid, and with a different leaf.
The pumpkin shape itself is very easy to make in MTC, just follow these directions:
Here is what my layout looks like. I turned the design sideways to get more on a page.
I also filled it with Basic Tile 017 and adjusted the color like this:
This texture is from the Basic Tile collection from Lettering Delights - it is still on sale for $10 for 100 tiles - a great buy and an item I use a lot. Click here to purchase.

I actually printed a full page of this tile (I just filled a large rectangle with the texture in MTC and tiled it), then used it as regular paper, not PnC. I used the HP Presentation Paper (32#), a great weight for this type of project. The center of the circles were used as well - so save them!

The curly leaf design was purchased at the Silhouette Store, it is part of a pumpkin design.

I brought it into Silhouette Studio, filled it with a dark color and took a snip of it to use in MTC. I added a circle for the sucker and flipped some of them as well.  I printed these on the same HP Presentation Paper. Here is what my layout looked like:
I also did a background fill (essentially I print my own paper) with another Basic Tile for the leaves. Here are the settings.
Both the pumpkins and the leaves were cut to the Silhouette with the red cap at a force of 14.

For the larger leaf, I found an image here that I traced into MTC. Scroll down about halfway to "Math Mats" to find the shape. I just added a little stem with a circle in it in order to slide it over the sucker.
For assembly, I used 6 pumpkin shapes for each treat holder. Fold in half (right sides together), and glue half sides together. Place the sucker in just before you glue the final sections. I attached the cut-out circle from the pumpkins to the bottom for stability. Slip the leaves onto the sucker stick and you are finished!
 For the larger tootsie roll pop treat holder (made card stock and with Karen's original instructions), I added brown paper shreds to simulate straw. I glued these to the circle before attaching to the pumpkin.

Since several components are purchased, I can only share what I made: the file for the ovoid pumpkin shape. I have my own polka dot design that I will include with it. You can access it here.

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