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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Freebie - 3D pumpkin

Just in time for thanksgiving!
This is similar to the 3-D pumpkin file that I offered but all in one piece. (image is linked)


naaz79 said...

Hi Nelda,

Have been following your blog for the past few weeks (just got the Silhouette Cameo two weeks ago) and I had a quick question. I got the CB09 blade holder (from Ebay) and am having trouble fitting it in the blade holder spot with the Cameo. It seems loose? You had mentioned in an earlier blog that you used this blade holder to cut with the Silhouette? Am I doing something wrong? So confused....please help! thanks

Nelda said...

Naaz, the CB09 holder drops into the clamp area and it clamps in securely with my Silhouette. You might want to try wrapping some masking tape around it (maybe just part way) to see if it makes it fit better.

naaz79 said...

Hi Nelda,
I just posted on Make-The-Cut...I did manage to get the blade holder to fit (very snug though). Thanks for your help and useful tips. I tried making some cards tonight with the blade holder that comes with the Cameo and some pieces of cardstock got stuck in the blade holder!!! How frustrating! It was just textured cardstock and I can't believe that the blade is already freaking out...well, anyway, guess I'll be using my CB09 holder more now since I can just detach and clean bits of paper if I need to. I have noticed that it doesn't make detailed cuts as well as the blade holder that comes with the Cameo. Which blade holder do you recommend for detailed cuts on cardstock? Thanks for your help!