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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thin fonts are here! (and Friday Freebie added)

If you use a cutter these fonts are great for drawing (with a pen in the blade holder) with you machine, engraving, so much more. You can check out this post on the LD Solutions blog to find out more.

(photo from LS Solutions blog)
There are some great bundles available if you want the whole set or maybe just the doodles. There is sure a set to fit your needs.

Also you may see a special coupon for 20% off - but PLEASE DON'T USE IT! Why? - because you get more off (25% off) if you use the coupon in your email receipt! So "buy" a free graphic set (like these from the month's specials) and use your coupon for extra savings.
Or you can grab the Friday Freebie, here (or click image below).

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