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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tutorial: Shaped Edge card with cut-outs

I had a request for a tutorial on this type of card. Reba made one and posted it on the MTC forum here. She included a file to show how she designed the card.
The request was to use this file (available free from Dave through June 7th  here) to make a similar card.
She did not need the colored parts, just the blue part to be used as the base for the card.
Open the file and delete the layers with the unwanted colored parts.
Mirror it (use the mirror button) and re-size it to a workable size.  BTW you do not need to mirror it - but I like it better with the angel looking to the inside of the card. If you do not mirror it, the remainder of the steps are the same but the image will look slightly different.
Select the image and shadow it. The depth of the shadow depends on you, I usually make it thick enough to allow for good support around the edge.
Add rectangles to the shadow layer (I changed the shadow layer to white first but this is not needed). This layer will become the card base; the fold edge should be straight, as well as the base. The bottom edge can remain irregular but if the bottom edge is not straight, the card will not stand up on its own.
You may want to zoom in to be sure that the rectangles meet the edges of the shadow evenly.
Weld the rectangles and shadow together (I changed it to white - but you do not need to).
Now choose all (the shadow and the image) and join them together. This will make the cut-outs in the card base. Change it to white for the next step.

Make an inner shadow of this piece. I make it just a little smaller than the actual front of the card so that I have a little fudge room when placing it inside. (I think Reba made it the same size, either way will work but it does need to be made now before going further with the design of the card.) I moved the layer below the card base and locked it.
Now make the other half of the card. You can do this 2 different ways, depending on what you want. The upper example shows the card with both inside and outside with shaped edges. Just mirror the base, blackout, and move to the left. Then weld these 2 base layers together and add a score line if desired.
For the lower card, start with the mirrored image moved to the left but add a rectangle to it (use the shaped base to help you size it). Weld all three base shapes together to form the final card base. Add a score line and you are finished.

Hope that helps if you want to make this type of card. Not all images can be used like this, you need to start with a stencil-like image for the part that will be cut out.


Mary212 said...

Thank you, Nelda. Your instructions are so helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial! You made it look so easy. Lol!

Christine said...

Thank you ever so much for sharing xx