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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More fences

OK, so what is it about fences that make me think of spring? Maybe the thought of grass growing up around it, or the crisp contrast between the white fence and the new grass?  I am not sure but I have another free fence file for you. 
(click on image above to download file from pogoplug link)
I still haven't been inspired yet on what to do with the green card. It sets forlornly on my desk looking at me and hoping to be released into creativity some day soon. It seems like maybe it needs some flowers or a rose or two. Hmmm....
It looks like my blade might be getting a little rough, I'll have to change it out before the next cut. 


happy2scrap56 said...

Thanks Nelda, I love fences to! they make a boring card look good.

Sharon said...

Thanks Nelda! Your blog looks great!