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Friday, January 14, 2011

Paper, papers and more paper.

I went to the local Staples looking at the different kids of inkjet papers.  I bought some of them to try and have been pleased with several.

You might not think that simple paper can make a difference, but it really does.  The inkjet "presentation" type of papers have a special coating on it to allow the ink to become brilliant and vibrant.  Be sure to look for this coating (this is not the "color lok" emblem, that is not as good as the coating).  Here is an example of the difference. The one is regular "color lok" paper, 24 #, the other is 32# coated inkjet "presentation" paper. The picture makes it look better than it really is, in real life, the one is very pale in comparison.
These are napkin rings for my friend's wedding, her colors are red, white and black.

Next time you are at your local office store, check out the papers that are inkjet coated and try one out.

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Paula said...

Thanks for the tip!