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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My favorite little monster

OK, I guess I am on a roll making cards for boys! This little monster was found here (along with lots of other files!) and I could not resist turning him into a card for my favorite little monster. My friend's three-almost-four (in one month) year old son asked her why he didn't get any mail - so this little guy is all set to go out to Caiden soon. Hey Buddy, you've got mail!
Love those little chompers! I am thinking of adding googly eyes to him as well but I am not sure how it will stand up to mailing and he's awful cute like he is.

I used both MTC and Silhouette Studio for this project. I started out with the image, brought it into MTC to break and color. I applied a texture to the sky and plain colors elsewhere. When I was finished my MTC screen looked like this:

I selected all and exported to png. I brought the png into Silhouette Studio, did some shadowing for the sentiment and made a base to fit the image with two "round rectangles" (that's what SS calls them) welded together.  I added an extra monster so I could pop him up on the card. Here is what my SS screen shot looked like when ready to Print-n-Cut:

From here it was all PnC in Silhouette Studio. I designed the envie in MTC and added a twist by having the image on the back of the envie line up. You can see it here:
and here with the flap open slightly:

You can also see the banding on my printer (almost time for a new print head). It does not do this with the photo paper, only on copy paper. And BTW, here is a good example of the difference between the two different types of paper, coated and uncoated inkjet paper. The envie is printed on 24# Premium Inkjet Paper (with color lok) and the card is printed on Royal Brites Matte Photo Paper (9 mil, or 200 gsm, I think that works out to about 53 #). The coating on the Royal Brites makes that much of a difference!  (photo is unaltered other than cropping and lowered screen resolution)

I really am not comfortable sharing the MTC file with the graphic (the site states that the images are "property of Activity Village and are for personal, classroom and library use only") but I can share the MTC envie file without the image, click here. And you can pick up the image for free from the above site. So go make some little monsters!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great info on making this really cute card, Nelda! Elizabeth (EliEli46)

jenny said...

These cards are really cute... okay so you're saying that i can create something in MTC and save it as a png and i can cut that in my silhoutte? i am still having trouble printing and cutting in from MTC

Nelda said...

Jenny, yes, you can! But even better - now that there is a Silhouette plug-in for Make-the-Cut, this can be designed, printed and cut all from MTC.