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Friday, April 1, 2011

New cutter! Silhouette SD arrived

I am ubber excited to have received my awaited-for new cutter. I purchased this as a dedicated Print-n-Cut cutter, to cut embellies for cards. I was about to stalk the little brown truck but it finally arrived. Here I am ready to open the cutter.
I was so excited that I opened it up and set it up right in my living room.

I had already prepped some images so I was ready to go after installing the driver. Here are some pics of my very first cut - using the optical eye and automatic registration.  This graphic is from the Baby Buddies graphics set at Lettering Delights (on sale for $1 now).

Here is a close-up to show how far off it was (I was looking for the worst). This is from an image about 3.5" printed on 28# paper (regular paper).

My next cuts were even more accurate. Overall, I am very happy with the Silhouette for PnC. Here are my latest cuts. These images are from the graphic set Bunny Kids at Lettering Delights
Notice how even the curl was cut out perfectly? I did not expect this accuracy!
This shows the slight rim white along one edge. I took a Copic and colored the edge to cover this. 
Here is the card I made with this image.


ArtbyAndy said...

Thanks for this post! It was so thorough and educational for me. I'm SO new to the digi world but I love it so far.

MichelleMyBelle said...

Nelda, very impressed with it. Will be looking forward to more of your posts about it.

Nancy said...

Looks great! Congrats on the new cutter.