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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Basic tiles - to yet another level

I am discovering more that can be done with the Basic Tiles from LD (on sale for $10 right now). There are 100 different tiles - the picture below shows less than half of those available.
You can use PSE to change the colors (as demonstrated in this post) but you can also use just MTC to come up with some changes if you are willing to play around a bit.

It is hard to imagine that you can change the tile on the left to the one on the right in MTC - but you can! Here are the screen shots of the changes that were made.
I also rotated the tiles and resized them. Be sure to play around and see what you can come up with.

I saw this darling card on the Twinery Blog Hop (see the original here) and thought I could re-create it. My take is not perfect but I like it. I used the above tiles in the card and then made my own bee (from Basic Shapes in MTC), honeycomb (from the hexagon shape), and the scalloped circle (using circles and wrap to path).  Here is the result.
I also changed the card to make it a side open. I can share the MTC file but you will still need to pick up the Basic Tiles set (or make your own) in order to replicate the above textures. Download the MTC file here or on box.net.

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Becki said...

Excellent job! I saw that card during a hop and I love it. Never thought of making it myself. TFS!