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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dollar Tree deal - markers for the Silhouette

I purchased these fat markers at the Dollar Tree (brand Jot, distributed by Greenbrier International, Inc, which is the store brand). These fit perfectly in the Silhouette!
You will notice that I marked them with a piece of masking tape? This is to mark how far to insert them into the holder - the tape acts as a "stop" to keep them at the perfect height. These were easy to fit into the holder and made great marks on the paper. The green one was used to make the green flower in the lower right (with the arrows pointing at it), and the blue marker made the blue flower above its cap.

The smaller chubby markers here (in the middle, the yellow and green that are together) were "Spiderman" markers from the Dollar Spot at Target. They were just a smidge too thin to fit well into the holder, I had to place a strip of masking tape at the top of the marker by the cap so that the holder could grip it. And then a double thick piece of masking tape to act as a stop. Although these were a little more work, the colors are more vibrant, and there were 10 colors for $1.
The Spiderman markers also allowed me to make both a thick and thin line - depending on how far down the marker was into the holder. Notice the thin brown flower (one arrow) vs. the thick brown flower (two arrows). Thick was easy - just push it down until it touched and tighten. But the thin took a lot of taping and testing to get it to mark thin enough. So I have 2 sets of these - on taped for thin and one taped for thick. You can also see in this picture the difference in the tips of the markers. The Jot markers look a little like Crayola markers. Hmmm, I wonder if the fat Crayola markers would fit in the Silhouette holder?....I have some around here somewhere, I'll have to check it out!  ETA: No, they do not fit, they are just a little too thick. Too bad!

If you do purchase the Dollar Tree markers, the tape goes exactly 15/32" from the part of the marker that widens out from the tip. Tape one, test it, and if it works, use it as a guide to tape off the others. Just lay them next to each other and tape using the first one as a guide. Have fun!

Oh yeah, I did not get around to publishing the Two for Tuesday deal at LD yesterday - it is the Cutie Patootie Boy Bundle. A great price on a cute set (image is linked).


Becki said...

Awesome idea! Do you happen to know if the Pipsqueak ones work? I have some but don't have time to check right now. If you get to it before me let me know if not I will post and let you know. :)

Deeann Kronenwetter said...

Does anyone know if the pipsqueaks work? Was thinking about trying some.

Nelda said...

I don't know because I have not tried to use them in the Silhouette. If you give them a try please report back so that others will know!