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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Check out the printable vinyl!

I have some samples of the inkjet vinyl that is available from Papilio, just waiting for the right project. If you are interested, you can obtain the same sampler pack here. It gives you 2 pages of 4 different kinds of vinyl to test out for less than $13 (choose other carriers and then First Class Mail for the best shipping rate). The Papilio site has the lots of information about each type but purchases are made through the e-commerce website.
Since the project I was working on was a craft supply box for a kindergartner, I looked through the options available and chose the White Waterproof Vinyl for the top decoration. 
I had already started on this project and the side decals were made from the Lettering Delights Get a Job graphic set and sticker paper.
The images were arranged in MTC, printed and cut on the Silhouette. Here's a quick look at my layout. I had a small white shadow around each image, since the wheels were not attached with many of them. I really strained my resources in designing this because of many large images. I saved and re-opened MTC a few times to help. But I was able to open, print, and cut from my netbook without any trouble. I took a few of the images into PSE to reverse the way they were heading.  
I printed these images on Staples sticker paper, matte surface. I had a perfect kiss cut with the new Graphtec blade holder (I am very happy with this holder). I also personalized a few of the vehicles. 
The images were placed around the bottom of the craft box. 
For the top I decided to use the White Waterproof Vinyl from Papilio. The top is more likely to get wet and I was dying to try out this new media! I wanted to use the windows of the bus to spell out his name but since there were only 5 windows and 6 letters I had to do a little magic in PSE. 
Yes, you can tell, but I don't think it looks bad. The design was a PnC from the Silhouette using MTC to the White Waterproof Vinyl. I got another perfect kiss stuff using the same settings as the sticker paper. And of course, I couldn't let all that white space go to waste so I filled it with name stickers that he can use to label his supplies. 
This product is easy to work with and gives great results. The adhesive is permanent so no worry about it coming off easily. Perfect for a kindergartner!
I am very happy with how it works in PnC with the Silhouette. It is super easy to use, the right size for PnC without too much wasted product, perfect kiss cuts were not hard to get, and the graphics were clear and bright. Two thumbs up for this product! 

Now I am full of ideas of what to do with the rest of the samples - there is also Clear Glossy Vinyl (I thought about using it for this project), Clear Ultra Cling, and White Ultra Cling. Both of the Ultra Cling vinyls have a repositionable adhesive on them that allow the design to be removed from windows, walls, whatever you can imagine!  

One thing I would recommend is labeling each sample so that you remember which is what. They can look similar and are easily mixed up. I just made a notation on the back as I took them out of the package. Each one comes with its own instruction sheet so that there is no confusion on how to use it. 

Now if I had to do this over, I might consider going with a construction theme, using the Big Truck graphic set and Alphabet - both on sale now and on clearance. 

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SiskiyouSue said...

This is just darling! Makes me wish my son were small again. Great job!