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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pixel Tracing in MTC 3.3.1 using the Palette feature

This is will give you an excellent design that you can PnC and layer (paper piece). And speaking of paper piecing, when you do this do you sometimes have trouble getting the pieces in the right position? No problem! With the new line feature, you can change this interior cut lines to dashes so that you know exactly where to place the inner pieces!
Select the item (the main body of the car in this example) and break it apart. Now select each interior path and right click. Use the menu box (above) to Change line-Select line. In the menu box that opens (below) select Create New Line Style and play with the sliders to get a dashed line to your liking.
When you cut the car, the dash lines will help you with exact placement of your layers!

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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing this Nelda. Very good tut!