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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Freebie - St Pat's day art

From the FB announcement, in case you missed it. (images are linked)


Mickey said...

I have been following your blog because you have MTC in your name. Since you are all about Letting Delights, I am not going to follow you on Chrome Reader anymore, you might want to change your name to Letter Delights Are Us. There is another site I will be removing for the same reason...
Best of luck.

Nelda said...

Mickey, I sorry that you feel that way. I do use LD files a lot - they are so reasonably priced and I enjoy the options they provide. They also have so many freebies that I want others to know about. I do still offer free MTC files and short tutorials from time-to-time. I am sorry to see you leave and wish you the best with crafting - with or without Lettering Delights!