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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Day!

Lots of interesting things to find today. Lettering Delights has all their frog graphics on sale today in celebration of Leap Day!
And to further celebrate Leap Day I have a file for you. Remember the circle flip/swing card from a few days ago? Well I have one in a bracket shape as well. I don't have a card for you yet so you'll just have to use your imagination a little - and share your results with me!

Here is what the file looks like.
You can download the file here for the next week. (Note: I have test cut this but just with plain paper)

Did you see this blog post? I love the story behind it, and yet another reason t celebrate Leap Day!

1 comment:

Marg said...

Thank you for the file. I just have to find time to play with it.