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Monday, February 27, 2012

Paper clip book mark bunnies

OK, do you remember the ribbon paper clips that were discussed around Valentine's Day?
I thought they were darling and made up a few but had not given them out yet (beware - they are rather addictive to make!)  The more I looked at them, the more they looked like bunny ears.
So I decided to make a holder for them - a bunny holder!
I used this bunny from MeFlick's site as the base for my design. She says it was a coloring page that she converted (I am not sure where to give original credit).
I deleted the shadow, then split the grey and deleted the ears. I changed a few colors, gave it a new shadow and a saying, and it is ready to go!
Aren't they cute? I really liked the book marks but I think the bunny puts them over the top! I will be distributing these to the ladies at our next Women of Worth group, I can't wait!

I can't share the entire file (the bunny is not mine to share) but if you bring in the bunny body (minus the ears) at 1.9463" high, it will fit perfectly into my file. Update! MeFlick has graciously allowed me to post her bunny into my file! So I have the file ready for you, ready to cut! Download here.  Please be sure to stop by her blog and say thank-you!

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