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Friday, May 27, 2011

Another wedding card, new paper, and a coupon!

I know it looks like the same card, but this one was made with a pearl paper, not card stock. I was also able to personalize it.
 This paper cut like a dream! I cut from Make-the-Cut to the Silhouette, using an OEM blade and mat (I had to reinforce the back with transfer tape) on  a setting of speed = 5 and force = 10 with the yellow cap. The best part - this paper is super cheap and easy to find. I found this Wausau paper "Royal Metallics" Champagne Pearl at Target in the office section for 50 shts for $9. That's only 0.18 a sheet for wonderful paper with an elegant sheen and super easy to cut.  The cuts were clean and accurate, and only needed one pass.
I even personalized this one. I was afraid that the ink would not stick to the pearlized surface but it did great. (You can see here where I forgot to split and weld the overlapping letters. Oops, I didn't notice it until I saw the close-ups.)

This paper has more of a yellow/beige tint to it. You can see the two cards together here to bring out the color difference.
The interesting thing is that when tilted to the side, they change colors! The white gets a gold sheen and this one gets a white sheen. It was hard to catch this change in a photo, this is the best I could do.
Oh yeah, my mat is about shot already. I reinforced it with a piece of clear transfer tape (like contact paper only a little thinner) and it is working well for now. I also went to the local Archivers armed with my 30% coupon and purchased 2 new mats for $20.50 ($14.35 after the coupon). They also carry the blades, so I will be printing out another coupon so I can get a blade for less than $9!
The jury is still out on the click blade holder. At first it worked OK (needed 2 passes but cut well) now it is not working so well. I have switched mats, and tried to see what was the variable. It seems to be the holder. I  am going to try a new blade next and see if that cures it. I so want this to work because it takes the Roland blades which I already have for my other cutters. We'll see. I am willing to try it a little longer before I decide to recommend it (or not!)

As always, have a blessed day and enjoy your crafting! I love your comments! If you need the MTC file for this card it is in this post. If you do not already have MTC, there is a link on the upper right (I am now an affiliate!). The download is free and you can use the trial version to see how it works. All updates and upgrades are free. Just remember that it no longer works with the Provo Craft cutters (Create and Cricut). Give it a try - it is a wonderful program.


just jayma said...

gorgeous cards! I love them!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

Hi Nelda ... I saw your comment on my old post about the MTC/PC settlement. I guess it's just semantics, as I wrote that PC "won a lawsuit settlement..." In that sense, "won" could be transposed with "reached." When one sues, many think of it as a "win" just to get the concessions sought. The REAL "losers" were those people with Cricuts who hadn't yet invested in MTC.

I guess when we're talking semantics, your comment today that it (MTC) "no longer works with the Provo Craft cutters (Create and Cricut)" is wrong, too. My MTC still works GREAT with my Cricut Expression, because I never bothered with any of the MTC upgrades that would have rendered it useless now, as a result of the settlement "reached."

Have a blessed day, and enjoy your crafting -- your cards are beautiful!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

Nelda said...

Ellen - you are completely correct - if works IF - and that is a big if - you have the plug-in from pre-settlement.

But I certainly do not want to encourage any one to buy it now for the Cricut since the current version no longer works with the cricut. And you are completely correct - the looser is the crafting community. MTC is a wonderful program, and now that I have another cutter that works with it, I have not touched by CE. It sits dejectedly in the corner. I'll find a nice home (or school) to donate it to soon enough.

Barbara said...

The cards and the cuts are beautiful! Thanks for the information about the paper! It is much appreciated. I prefer to buy paper in bulk rather than by the sheet at the craft stores. I also like to print my own.