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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silhouette Registration marks (file for MTC)

I have been requested to make my "base layer" file available for the registration marks for the Silhouette. The registration marks do not automatically print in MTC (they will in the next version). But it is easy enough to start with this file as the base and add your designs to the upper layers.

Remember to keep MTC and your printer in landscape setting. Remember to keep the registration layer always open (not hidden).  I even named the file that.

The layer below it shows the "no cut" zone area. It is closed but you are still able to see the shadow of the outline so you know how to place your images. Download the file here. Let me know of your problems or successes.


Trisha said...

Thanks, Nelda. I hope I can try this out very soon.

dimahi59 said...

I am trying to cut with a Craftrobo, using your file, I put my cut pieces on their own layer, I have the one layer hidden..but when I print it out, is that layer opened? I've tried it both way, and I can't get it to read the registration marks. I have a CR200, any help appreciated, email dimahi@hotmail.com, I need to do wedding invitations asap. Thanks