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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother Day gift-ettes (could also be for Teacher Appreciation)

OK, not my idea, but it was so cute that I had to make these. I found little cans of vegies (carrots, corn, green beans) at Mejer's so I used them as well as some peaches. You can see, the one on the right is peaches. The vegies' can was easier to cover.

I used the instructions and file from Our Best Bites and filled these with Snickers, Hershey Nuggets and hard candy. I gave them out to some ladies at my church. What fun! You'll have to try this for Teacher Appreciation gifts as well.  And I got my servings (and more) of vegies this week!

A nice little gift that did not take up too much time or effort. I printed out the paper from a fill in Silhouette Studio on 24# HP Premium Inkjet (Color lok) paper on my inkjet printer. So super cheap to make as well.

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