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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Card file

OK, I saw this somewhere and thought it was cute, so I made my own. I am sure it is nothing like the one I saw but I like it. Of course I added some bling as well.

They were so fun and easy that I made two of these. The second one (the yellow and white) was designed, printed, and cut completely in MTC using the new Silhouette plug-in. It works great! I used a silver gel pen on the cake stand and the texture is one I designed myself.
 There are a few tips to remember:  be sure you watch Andy's video and also read this post. The two things I have to remind myself to do: 1) use landscape for everything (my printer defaults to portrait so I have to change it every time) and 2) leave the eye open (unhide) the layer with your registration marks when you are cutting. I turned by eye off (hid the layer) and it would not cut correctly - took me a while to figure out why!  It is really easy to use if you remember these tips.

Here is what the MTC file looks like. I have "outline shapes" checked so that you can see the design - remember to turn this OFF for printing.
And here is the file that you have been waiting for - click here for the MTC file for this card\ and here for the Silhouette Studio file.   Enjoy! And I would love to see some of your cards if you make them.

Files removed because of a complaint. I will be posting directions on how to make this ever-so-simple card in the future. It is so easy to make with MTC with Basic Shapes, joins & welds, and your imagination! I showed a little of the process in this post.


just jayma said...

Thanks for the darling card! It will cheer someone's day, for sure!

If you have a dedicated printer for your print and cut, or just want to change your default to landscape, it can be done! Depending on what OS you are running, I could help you do that if you wanted! Each OS is slightly different on how to get to the printer folder, but most of them you have to go to control panel, then your printers and scanners usually. Unless you have a MAC, and in that case, I'm lost. LOL =)

Thanks for the file!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute! Thank you for sharing as it is really adorable! MTC curly girl

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Cute--and thank you! My little brother is getting married in the summer, so I'm constantly on the lookout for fun wedding card ideas, and I think this would be perfect!

St. Petersburg Cricut CutUp (Veronika) said...

it is adorable and thanks for sharing it!

doodlingdebbie said...

This is a great card with so many uses. Thank you for sharing. It is so generous of you.

Fan said...

I just noticed that you are distributing 'some' silhouette liscened designs for free in your blog, that is illegal, here is the original file for the cake card:
and for the cutout flowers,here:
I hope that Silhouette designers won't come across your blog!

Nelda said...

File was removed - this file was completely designed in MTC but the file was removed because of a complaint. But I will be posting soon on exactly how to design something like this in MTC using all Basic Shapes with joins, welds, and your imagination. That's all you need with MTC!

Nelda said...

I do have an complete demonstration on how these files were created with MTC on the other post here http://papercraftingwithnelda.blogspot.com/2011/05/steph-this-is-for-you.html It really is fun and easy. I think designing takes a critical eye when looking at images but this is not a talent that is owned by just one person or designer. I am thankful to have a little talent in this area and happy to share my creations at this time.

Anonymous said...

Such a copycat you are!

Nelda said...

Anon- thank you! That may be where I got the idea. But since ideas cannot be copy-righted, using an idea to make your own design is legal.

Since there was a question about that file, I did remove it. But that does not mean that I am not free to continue to design my own files using ideas that I got from where-ever! And what can that designer say - that she is the person who dreamed up the original idea of a tiered cake? I think not! Tiered cakes have been around for what - maybe hundreds of years? It is not her original idea either.

I surf all over the web and get ideas from many, many places. I certainly don't pretend that everything I do is my original thought! I blend ideas from all over to come up with designs, that is what is so wonderful about being able to design, the wonderful combination of ideas. The key here is that I do the designing!

T to the Essa said...

wow. what some haters, Nelda. Go you for sticking up for yourself.