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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not-so-tangled Twines

I love the twines from The Twinery. They come all nicely nestled in loops and held together with paper like this.

(Yeah, I got the big sampler pack.) But if your crafting area is anything like mine, they did not stay so nicely looped for very long. Before long (even though I tried to be really careful) they started getting all tangled. Kinda like this.

No, that is not my twine, but mine looked just as bad.

So in my blog wandering (I'll probably never find it again but if I do I will post it here) I somewhere saw the idea of using mason jars for yarn storage.

Light bulb moment! Of course, I could do that with my twine! And I just so happened to have the perfect containers to use.

I picked up some of those small plastic containers at the Dollar Tree and have used them for storage of small items (buttons, google eyes, gems, rubber bands, etc) but I had a few remaining. At 10 for /$1 they are great for small storage.
Here's how I put them to work:
To poke the hole, I used a Fiskars punch (the purple thing below). I tried using my Cropidile but I could not get it over the rim of the cap (I think the Cropidile II would be able to punch this).
I was able to gently position the red and black loops into the container but for some of the others I did need to rewind.
I wound the twine around a round container (I used a salt shaker) and placed it into the container.
Both seem to work well! I have a wonder new, tangle-free way to store my twine!
BTW, I think this might be where I found the idea: http://www.savingbymaking.com/2011/05/21-ways-to-repurpose-instead-of-buying-something-new/


SandyK said...

Great idea Nelda

Gardendog said...

Fabulous. Now I need to get some twine.