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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank you cards 3"x3"

I usually make full size cards or shaped cards but these little cards are so popular that I thought I would try them.
They are just the right size for a quick Thank-you note. I used MTC to design the file, using Lettering Delights Pun Intended graphic set for the bird.
I traced by alpha to get the base shape and then by color to get the 2 colors. Here is what the MTC layout looked like after tracing (yes there was enough room to make 2 per sheet). I used paper from "The November 2009 Paper Collection" (purchased this last Wednesday on special for a Buck!) to make a texture that I used to fill the mat. This could also be filled with a Basic Tile from Lettering Delights.
  I printed this out on HP Inkjet Brochure paper, 48# and cut on the Silhouette with the red cap at 25.

This little birdie came without an eye (poor birdie) so I added one. I wasn't sure about the eye so I tried it both ways - I think I like the closed eye better, what do you think?
The bird is popped-up from the background and the wing is popped-up from the base. The inside of the card is simple - just "You're so tweet!". I used Crazy Girls Blond for the the font. I also played around some with the phrase in a few other fonts.
I also made an envie for the card, which I can share without restriction. I have the card and the envire on 2 pages in this file. You will have to add the bird and textures from your purchases. Enjoy!
BTW, I printed the second sheet (with the envie) on HP Brochure Paper 32# and cut to the Silhouette with the red tip at 12.

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Brigit said...

Adorable note card, perfect for thank you's. I think both look great, tfs!!