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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Ghostin' we will go, a-ghosting we will go....

OK, I am usually not the person who celebrates Halloween due to to pagan nature of the holiday,. But this newer tradition has caught my interest because it involves small surprises (nice - nothing naughty) for unsuspecting neighbors or co- workers. I was "ghosted" last year and thought it was a fun way to celebrate this time of the year with good will - not evil wishes and witches. What a great way to pay it forward and spread the cheer!

Some call it ghosting, some call it boo-ing, but what ever you call it it is a great little gesture to others. I plan to deposit these small treats on my co-workers desks after they are gone for the day and see if it spreads - here's hoping that it does. What fun! But I am not sure if I need to ghost myself as well so that I am not a suspect! The whole goal s to keep it secret  - a true RAK.
I intentionally made these designs in B&W so that they could be copied by the recipient to use for their own ghosting. I am thinking of adding some color, either with highlighter markers or with something that can be removed prior to copying. I think it needs some color!  Although they suggest paying it forward to 2 others, I am seeding the project with 12 to start with.

I printed my own digital paper, using the freebie paper from here. I printed them on my Canon printer to HP Presentation Paper32# (BTW - this is on sale this week at Staples - buy one HP paper, get one free!) on the matte photo setting, and cut each into quarters. I did not use MTC for this, just the printer utility that comes with the Canon printers (currently I am using the Canon MP610 and refill my own inks). Each quarter will make one "sour cream" treat container.
  I found a video on how to assemble the sour cream containers on you-tube. There are many vids but this is the one I used. I used my ATG gun to run adhesive along the roll edge and then staples for the ends. It wasn't intentional, but these make a great stand for the poem with the little ghost peeking out from behind.
I got the poem from here and altered it for the work environment. Isn't that little ghostie peeking out so cute!
The graphics are from Lettering Delights Monster bundle from Monday.  The ghost is the green one from Frank's Friends, I just changed the color to white when I traced it in by color. The cat is from Spooktacular.

Here is a look at my layout for the poems.
 I printed these from MTC (although it was not necessary - I did no cutting from MTC to this design), then cut the papers in quarters on my Making Memories paper cutter (the best! I love that cutter, it is worth the expense - I waited for a 50% off coupon at Micheal's and got it then), and rounded the corners with a Fiskars corner rounder (the larger size). Like I said, I think it needs a little color, maybe an orange ribbon or something. I'll have to work on that.

The ghostie himself is an enlargement of the Ghost from Frank's Friends. I thought the green one was the happier of the two!
This was printed out in MTC and cut from the Silhouette (I got a clean cut with the yellow cap at 25 for the HP Presentation Paper).

I have files for you - no graphics of course but they can be purchased through the links above. All you will have to do is drop in the graphics, print,cut, assemble and you are set to go -a-ghosting! Download here.

BTW, this is a good craft for younger kids to help with. I did these containers with an 8 and 10 y.o. and they thought they were fun and easy to do.


Becki said...

This is a really cute idea. I agree with not doing much for Halloween, I don't decorate but being on a design team I used what they gave me and made somethings that I am going to give to neighbors who do. LOL

Lou said...

Hi Nelda,

Wow that is awesome....
Thankyou so much for showing me what you made with my free papers.

I've never had anyone show me that they have made "crafting" things with my products.

That's a great idea, and i bet your co workers will love it.

Thankyou again for showing me what you have made - brilliant.

Designz by Lou

Big D and Me said...

I love this - thanks so much for this idea and the printable