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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Better than the Imagine card - free MTC 4.0.1 file

I saw this card, and thought, "Hey, I can make that!" Her post and video can be found on her site.
I used the 8-pointed star and shadowed it to get the 8-petal flower shape. I found the leaves on-line and making a bracket can be done easily with the bracket key on the keyboard (you can also get an svg from here). Here is what my layout for the embellishments looked like:
The pink pattern is from the Basic Tiles, 035, changed to these settings:  1.04, 0.31, 1.76, -180, 0.77.
The green pattern is also from Basic Tiles 028, changed to these settings: 1.31, 0.12, 0.51, -87, 1.51.

I purchased the ribbon from Micheals in their Dollar bin. The slide I made myself from basic Shapes in MTC. After printing, I covered the shape on the paper with Aluminum tape (from Big Lots, about $5 for a large roll) before cutting.

I have a file for you that is made up of shapes that I designed (I included different leaves and it does not include the patterns) for you here or here (oops - these are in the newest file format for MTC 4.0.1, and should not be shared yet. Download at your own risk. Once the format is official, I will post it again).  You can get the Basic Tiles from LD (still on sale for $10 for all 100).
 (If you want to try to trace the file that I used for the leaves, just Google "leaf shape clip art" and find one you like.)

I think my card is better than the original - and all without an Imagine!


Crafty Chic said...

Very clever Nelda, good job. I just love the possibilities that MTC has opened up for us crafters.

Cheryl Ann

Anonymous said...

Like it!!

I love that you could make your own without messing with those costly cartridges.=D That's why MTC rocks!

Kris said...

Good one Nelda, think you have totally kicked their bottoms at Cricut lol Well done, card looks totally awesome :)

2KutiesGrandma said...

This is really nice, Nelda! I agree that you totally outdid the crapcut card!!

jenny said...

Nelda, can you create a tutorial on how you set up your cards on one matt? as a newbie i am trying to learn

Nelda said...

Jenny, my cards often end up on 2 pages (or pieces of paper) - as a matter of fact this one is on 2 pages. I design and usually start at 4.25x 5.5 card size then separate and place the pieces on the page for cutting. It is a simple matter of just placing the pieces that you need on the paper in a way that uses the most available space. Sometime if pieces almost fit on one page, I will select all and decrease the size of every thing. But usually I just start a second page like I did with this one.