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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Flower Swing card file

Another swing/flip card! These are fun to design and make. And I am so lucky that I have a creative and talented cyber-friend (Susan Chong, aka "Boogie" on the MTC forum) who cut and assembled an example for me!  Here is what the layout looks like:
  and here is what Boogie came up with:
Didn't she do a great job! Here's what she said:
"It cut fantastically with cardstock!! I used the Core'dnations for everything except the patterned paper. I used my new Cameo and I was very happy with how it cut! I set the blade at 4, pressure 25, and my speed 2-3. I find that the slower I cut, the better detail I get...... even for the simple shapes. The "doily" pattern on the inside cut great .. even with all of those little circles."

She was interested in an "inlay" cut for designed paper so I included 2 different types of inlay cuts for you.
The mint green could be cut from designed paper for a different look. 

You can download the MTC file here for the next 2 weeks. And I would love to see what you come up with! 


MichelleMyBelle said...

thank you Nelda. I would love to make this card, I have some things to do in the next couple weeks. Maybe then I can get to it. Thanks for sharing it.

Rosie said...

Thank you very much!

Shelly Watson said...

I really like your card! nice job

Anonymous said...

Great ard and file thanks for sharing.

jperr said...

Thanks for the lovely MTC file.