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Thursday, March 15, 2012

National Pi Day sale...and card sale

If these files are of interest to you, the prices are great! Sixty-one bundles at $3.14 each.
(images are linked)
And if you have not already seen it, LD has a huge card bundle right now - if you are a card maker you will want to check these out. They are PDF files that you print out and assemble. Nice way to have some pre-designed cards ready to go at a moment's notice. Not sure about them? It's just  0.50 to download one and check it out!

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The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for your comment, Nelda, it was great hearing from you! These cards you posted about look fun and like a great deal! =)

We are feeling like our time living here in Colombia is coming to a close. We will still visit Colombia and teach classes, pray for and encourage the believers here, but we don't want to "babysit the work" when the Nationals are growing and doing a good job. In thinking and praying about what God wanted next for our family...Phillip didn't feel like it was time for our family to go home to the USA permanently yet. So, He felt God lay Argentina on his heart! When we got to Argentina (knowing no one) Phillip didn't feel clear to just go and hold street meetings, etc. but felt that we were supposed to attend the local churches and help them any way we could. We tried to be lights to them and their young people regarding Holiness. Phillip spoke to the youth and we had them over to our house for a devotional and snack too. We invited several over trying to touch their lives. Lord willing, after we finish working on our Colombia visas here, we plan to go back to Argentina. There appears to be several open ministry doors there waiting for us to step through them.
We appreciate your prayers that God will continue to guide and use our family. =)