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Monday, March 5, 2012

More freebies today!

Lettering Delights has posted more freebies on their site. I do know there are some followers who do not use FB. If you do, you can skip this post and go straight to the LD FB page for them. Or see them here in one post.

Here are the latest. Freebie #11 (images are linked)

Freebie #12

Freebie #13 And they just added another one here.  But it looks like they forgot to make it a freebie! I left them a note, so keep trying the link, it should show up as a freebie soon.  It's fixed now!
Freebie #14 (just added) 
Did you see the "Easter egg" freebie hidden below the Bunny Box? Be sure to get it as well! 
(I will continue to edit and add the freebies here so they are all in one place). 

And freebie #15 added (I am thinking they will have 20 freebies -what do you think?)
Freebie #16 was the "Easter egg" that I found above - it was unlisted at the time. 

Freebie # 17 ia another font.

Another "hidden" freebie that was found - it may turn into an official freebie.
Freebie #18 is here! 
Freebie #19 is below!  I hope there are more but I still wonder if 20 will  be the end? 
And #20! 

There is a sweepstakes as well! It is FB based but information is below.

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