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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making an Owl...and a free Owl Swing/Flip card file

In one of the recent issues of Scrapbooking Magazine, instructions were provided on how to make a cute little owl from punches. There was a youtube video of it but of course I can't find it now! (If you happen to find it I would be happy to link to it).  Here is my rendition of it:
Here is the file for the card that we will be making. 

And the completed card (compliments of Boogie). 
But first the owl! Here is how I made the owl in MTC. For the body use the cylinder shape (in Basic
shapes) and stretch it to get a gently rounded bottom. Duplicate and stack until it looks tall enough. A few joins and Boolean joins later and you ave the body.
The wings are just a portion of the scalloped circle punch. I have this shape saved in my Basic Shapes already but here's how to make your own and also the wings.
The rest of the shapes are pretty easy - circles (for the eyes), an oval (for the tummy), inverted hearts (for the feet) and a triangle (for the nose. If you would like to try to make your own owl, I have a file with the pieces here (image below is linked).
If you do not want to make the owl yourself, I do have a file for you as well for the Swing card. Boogie made it up for me and has some wonderful photos to show it off!
You can download the file for the next 2 weeks here.


Maxine said...

Wow Nelda thats great thanks!

Lisa R. said...

Wow, awesome job! Guess your files don't come in svg? TFS and have a super day!

-Candi said...

Awww I love this, I also wish it came as an svg so I could use it with my Cameo & Silhouette Studio DE... this is so cute I might have to try and recreate it myself.

bluejeancreations said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Nelda, I just love owls, and this card is adorable!

I will post a pic at the forum when I mine created.

Janice said...

Nelda I love your card design. Thanks to you I now have a cute birthday card to send my daughter. Now if you can make an elephant one I would really love it cause she likes elephants also.

Nelda said...

Janice - the shape needs to be symmetrical or almost symmetrical. I am not sure I could get an elephant shape that would work. Can you leave me an email addy so I can contact you?

Nelda said...

Lisa R. and Candi, my blog is meant to support MTC which is why I only post MTC files. Consider a donation and I will send you the file in SVG format. No set amount on the donation but Silhouette files are .99 each so take that into consideration. I will provide it in SVG format and possibly even Studio format.

Brenda said...

You and Boogie are really on a roll! The owl is so cute. You 2 make a good combo. Thanx for the file.

Donna said...

That is awesome...I love Owls! Thank you so much for shareing..I am new to all of this and am going to try this..have to learn somewhere!

MichelleMyBelle said...

Great tutorial Nelda! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Great file. I love the font you used. Can you tell us what it is?


Nelda said...

I'll check with Susan (who actually made the card). She "test drives" some on my designs and she had asked for an awl so this card was made for her.