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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Customized clock...revisited

OK, there is a reason I do not do much scrapping - in my mind everything has to be perfect because someone might see it in 50 years. I mean, a card, no big deal, they'll look at it and throw it away after a bit. But a scrap page? Oh my! Well, I guess that's the reason I don't do many clocks either - they will be around for a while and must stand up to scrutiny, including my own, lol!
I couldn't help it. Every time I looked at the clock that I thought I finished yesterday, it seemed to talk to me. It said,  "Oh, come on, fix me up, you can do better!"

What's a girl to do? So I did, bought a new clock and all.
The clocks at Walmart are of better quality than the Target ones. They are also cheaper ($3.97, and come in white, black, silver, and red). The front face is real glass (no scratched plastic!), and you can remove the outer casing by removing the six screws on the back of the clock. This makes it easier to get in to  work on the clock face.
After removing the screws, turn the clock over and separate the clock back from the glass and front casing.
This clock was also slightly larger - larger than what I can cut with the Silhouette using PnC (which is 7.71").
But the printing on the clock face could be covered with a insert of 7.70" so this is what I attempted to do. Here is what my MTC layout looked like. Notice that it is just under 7.71" wide.
Since I had a red clock, I changed the ring to white and created a layered circle (black, white, and red) for the markings. This white ring perfectly complements the outer white space (which is actually the original clock face backing beyond the 7.71" diameter that I could cut). And I changed the font as well...in for a penny, in for a pound! I cut a narrow strip of white contact paper (1/32") to place on the hands so that they would be more visible. I also like that this clock has a second hand that was red - nice touch - it worked right into the kitchen theme colors.  And this clock isn't talking to me, it is just happily waiting to be gifted tomorrow. Smiling. Happy to be as perfect as I can get it.
OK, here it is finally - a clock that I live with- well, live with seeing periodically without wanting to rip it off the wall to re-do it, lol! Hope you enjoyed the journey.


Barbara said...

Nelda, you're so clever! I love what you did with the clock! Great job!

bdjeepers aka Barbara from Silhouette Plus forum

Anonymous said...

Wow. Another wonderful project! I may have to eventually try this after I get my house/yard in order!
iloa from MTC forum

PapaSue said...

Wonderful, I'm off to WalMart to buy the clock parts.

Thanks for sharing the great design and the assembly tips.