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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding gifts... etching glass

I have etched before but I had not cut vinyl (or contact paper) yet with the Silhouette and I have been wanting to try to etch some water goblets. I had some contact paper around (in a weird green pattern - I guess that's why it was on clearance!) that I decided to use.
Here's the monogram cut out. I used MTC to cut the vinyl, used a setting of 1 on the Silhouette with the blue cap on the blade. It was a perfect kiss cut! I used transfer tape, removed the backing and transferred the design to the goblet. That was the hardest part  - getting it in the right position -I got it on crocked the first time. Then burnish well, very well, especially around the edges of the design. Tape the edges and apply the etching creme. I used Armor-Etch, which I picked up at either Hobby Lobby or Michael's (of course with a coupon). Glop on the creme as heavy as you can. Don't worry - you can scrap off the un-used portion and put it back in the bottle. So be very generous!  I applied it with a foam brush the first time but found that a wooden stick actually worked better (and I had a ice cream bar in the freezer, so what better reason to eat one?)
Wait for 20 -30 minutes, scrap off the un-used creme back into the bottle and wash off the glass. The water inactivates the creme, so no harm done although I would not do this in a ceramic sink. Peel off the contact paper for the result......
I didn't do too well, you can see my mistake above - there was some seepage under the adhesive there in the lower right corner. I had carefully burnished the edges - I guess just not well enough, lol! This stuff is permanent, so it there for the life of the glass!
Here's the mistakingly mis-matched pair, err... the yin-yang interpretation of the monogram. Yeah, I totally put the second one on upside down!  And I have decided that from here on out I am doing nice flat, non-convex surfaces! Even though I was extra careful to burnish the edges well, I still got of little creme that oozed out on the second goblet (lower left). I do not see many monogrammed goblets in my future, lol!

Not to worry, I had another project waiting to be finished for them as well.
This glop of creme and glass revealed a plate with their names.
And there was no way that I could get a photo without also getting my reflection, lol!

If you have not tried etching yet, let me tell you that the reveal is well worth it! I left the creme on 20 minutes for the goblets and 30 minutes for the plate, The etching was fairly even and consistent. I think this was due to my generous use of the creme (which I did salvage and place back in the jar).

You can also use an air eraser to etch as well. I have the supplies for this but have not had the time to set it up yet. Oh well, Linda's brother is getting married in August......I am sure I will have more projects, lol!

Added later: This stuff is addicting! I made up 6 dinner glasses to go with the goblets. Straight-sided (not convex) glasses are so much easier!
Here are pictures of a few of the other steps. Placing the design on the glass with transfer tape (which is reusable multiple times).
Burnish carefully over the design (I used the edge of my thumb), giving special attention to the edges of the design. Remove the transfer tape. If part of the design comes up, just burnish a bit more. It also helps to remove it at a sharp angle.
Apply the creme and allow it to sit. I remove the majority of the creme (as much as I can get off) and put it back in the bottle., As I said before, a Popsicle stick works best.
The embossing shows up best against a dark background.


sarahmfry said...

Those are awesome projects! So elegant. Love it.

PaperAddictJenn said...

Great wedding gifts! I use Armor Etch, but I only leave mine on for about 5 minutes. I've left it on for 20 minutes before and couldn't tell a difference. The curved glasses are a real pain, but they turn out so pretty!

doodlingdebbie said...

These are wonderful!! You certainly have developed quite a nice skill with your etching. I really want to try this out. Thank you for sharing