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Friday, June 24, 2011

Simple card and free border file

You know me - I have been singing the praises of the Silhouette SD with Print-n-Cut (PnC) designs but did you know it also excels at intricate cuts? I had been wanting to try one for a while so I played around with making a double loop border today. And of course, I made a card with it. But you could also use it for a border on a scrap page as well (just don't hold your breathe until I do one though, lol!)
I have a screenr video (no audio) that shows how to make the border in MTC. It was very simple to make and the Silhouette cut it perfectly. Video is best viewed full screen and at HD.
Here is the layout on MTC, I designed it on 2 pages, one for the card base and one for the layers. I did fill up the open spaces with extra elements but you can delete them if you don't want them.
The texture above will not be included in the file. If you would like to pick it up, it is from a Lettering Delights paper Pack, Dee-licious (image is linked). I liked the vintage look of the brown paper.
Here is the card.
But you know me - I am never happy with my first result. (It was talking to me, really it was! It said, "I need a little something extra right here!")  So I added this dress form that I got from the Silhouette Online Store. Of course you can switch that out or even leave it blank (unless it starts talking to you as well!)
Click here or on the image below for the border file. 
BTW, I am playing around with making a frame with this - it is not finished yet but stay tuned!
Click here for the MTC file for the card (minus the extras) or the image below. 
Enjoy! I would love to see any projects that you make with my files!


Becki said...

Nelda, this is very adorable! I love the banner and colors!

ClaireM said...

Thanks for the file Nelda, I alway enjoy your posts. When I try to cut the file with the Silhoutte, the right registartion mark is blinking and the plugin tells me it can't find the registration mark?

2KutiesGrandma said...

Love this card and file, Nelda. Thanks for sharing - you've given me a lot of inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this card and the dress form. (I can see it in my future! lol) Thank you so much for sharing your file and showing it on the mat. I am learning so much from your blog!

Nelda said...

Claire, I am wondering if it may be a variation with the printer. Try moving the marks in a little (you will need to split them first). Leave the upper right in place, but move both of the left ones in about .1-.2 inches. See if this helps. Also make sure you are printing on white paper with the blackest setting (not a draft mode). The Sil may have trouble if the black is not densely printed and some printers are better than others with this.