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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why I don't do scrap pages....

...there really is a reason. I look at them and think, I need to change that, move this over a little, cut that out in a different color, etc,. etc. It goes on and on, the more I look at them, the more I fiddle with them. They are never finished, lol!

Before I forget it, let me post this coupon for $3 off at Staples (no minimum purchase required).
Now back to my problem.....Take for example the card from yesterday, I just could not leave it alone, I just had to go fiddle. (Of course it never helps that I think it looks better afterwards, just feeds the demon, lol!)
I just had to cut down the tux to make it a tailed tux. Got on the internet and googled "tux and tails" and went in and revised my design.
So here is my revised card. Still needs that red boutonniere, which I'll be adding soon enough. And then maybe there will be something else....maybe or maybe not.  I am giving it to him tomorrow. See why I like cards? Once I give them away I can let them go. Not so with those pesky scrapbook pages, they just keep looking at me, whispering about changing this or that....until I just gotta go tweak it a little here, change this embellishment. Like that boutonniere, should it be light red with dark red outline, or white with red outline?... sigh.
Here's the MTC file layout for those interested. (Yes, I remembered to uncheck "Outline Shapes" before printing!)
If you do scrap, you probably need some hand writing fonts, right? Well hop on over to Kevin and Amanda's blog for 11 free handwriting fonts. Great for journaling!

1 comment:

Aeryn said...

Love the card Nelda!!! I like the white with red outline for the boutonniere.

Dig a little deeper at Kevin and Amanda's blog, there are lots more than 11 fonts there. If you click the free fonts tab at the top, there is a link for fonts for peas, there are 300 or so fonts there, all free plus lots more under the free scrapbook fonts link. Can you tell I'm a font junkie, LOL. Love this site, have their button on my blog too :-)

I so wish we had a Staples in my little podunk town, Walmart is it for shopping here, yucky, especially when it comes to crafting needs.

Jody_M :-)