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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Engagement card (with a twist)

OK, so this one is not for a young lady -  rather for a young man. I don't know that I hav eever needed one for a man so this is a new twist for me. Off I went to look for something appropriate.
I found an image in the Silhouette Store (tuxedo_shape_card_C00211_21585) that I brought into Make-the-Cut! software (MTC) and used to design a slightly different card than what they offered. I wanted a white outline shaped card, so I altered it. The Silhouette cut those little black buttons just fine but I replaced them with black rhinestones for just a discrete touch of bling.
The inside sentiment was simple and to the point.
I cut the base from GP white card stock (cut at force of 20) and the layers from HP Premium Presentation Paper, 32# (cut at force of 5) from MTC to the Silhouette with the OEM blade and mat. I added a slight shadow (about .10") around the colors to make PnC easier (something you can only do with solid colored objects). Here is my MTC layout for the layers:
You can see I added a rose afterwards - I may just have to cut it out, I think it needs a little pop of red on the lapel, don't you? And don't you just love a man in a tux?


Anonymous said...

Wow, so dashing, I just love a man in a tux or even just a tux!!! This is sooooo cute and I love the discrete touch of bling in the black rhinestones and yes a rose would be an elegant touch!!! Darn, you are so creative!!! I also appreciate your layout on the matt and what you cut at, I have yet to open my Sil--too much to do first.

MichelleMyBelle said...

Nelda, great card for a guy. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

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