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Friday, June 29, 2012

Circle lattice designs

I designed these several weeks ago, I had originally intended to use them as mats. But I think they would also work as candle wraps or paper napkin rings.
The design is simple - just connected circles but it took me a while to get the pattern even. I used the duplicate feature to help with the spacing. It is almost a circle lattice.
The design started out this with a circle in the middle. It would be a nice vinyl stencil for etching but of course the circles fall out with paper.  BTW, this is a pain in the patootie to get all those little pieces of leftover paper off you mat!
Her is what the candle wrap looks like.

You can download the lattice patterns here (free for the next few weeks).

You can download the candle wrap here (free for the next few weeks).

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