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Friday, June 29, 2012

Free Labels 03 (MTC) file

No surprise - I love to think I am organized by labeling my things. Not that I am really organized, but I like to pretend that I am trying.
(Yes, this photo was posted before, you are not dreaming!)
I offered these lables previously and while I really like them, I thought that I would try a few other designs. Here is one for you.
Lest anyone think I just pixel traced the labels, let this file assure you that I did not.  Here are the shapes I used, before welding, joining, etc. So if you would like to try your hand at some different size labels, you are welcome to use these shapes for experimenting (they are just from Basic Shapes).  The font used in the last label is Eurostile Extended. I did alter it a bit to make it a stencil-like alphabet, and I have included the altered letters in the file (I only used caps). I purchased a large roll of Black Contact Paper from Amazon that I am using for these labels (and so much more!)  (BTW, I checked prices and found Amazon to be the best buy - unless you are lucky enough to find some locally).
These labels are also great for use with Chalkboard Vinyl and there is no need to personalize them before cutting (much easier) - just cut out a bunch and label them afterwards. If you plan to use use regular chalk, then go ahead and get the special Chalkboard Vinyl, but if you plan on using the Bistro Chalk Markers then just use the black contact paper from the above link - it works great with these markers. The Bistro markers are wet-erase so you can change the labels whenever but only when you want to (like if you think your printing stinks and your friend comes over and you talk her into printing them out). They do not dry erase. You can download the free MTC file here for the next few weeks.

Just a note - neither the Bistro markers nor regular chalk work well with shiny black vinyl.Ask me how I know.


Jeannie said...

These are great! Thank you for the tips! Off to play.....

Mile42chiniak said...

Thank You Nelda