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Friday, June 1, 2012

These boxes are addicting...

...so I made another file.
This one has a scalloped edge on it. The texture is one that I had previously designed. I printed this out on 32# (heavy) paper that I picked up at Staples. It costs about the same as card stock (about 0.03 each) but the paper is easier to work with than card stock. But it is still heavy enough to hold up well. The paper also takes color ink well.
The MTC file can be downloaded here through June 15 (free).


Trish (ImaCutter) said...

I love your work, Nelda, Your files are always so nice and tidy, I love the delicate scallop.

MichelleMyBelle S. said...

thank you Nelda, another great file!

Christine said...

Thank you again for sharing such a lovely box.....xx

Rhoda said...

Hi Nelda!
I downloaded these earlier and wanted to thank you for the files. I'm out of school now so this is one of the files that I especially wanted to play with! (I love boxes,lol!)