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Monday, June 25, 2012

Coffee jar decal

I store my coffee in glass jars - I feel that they keep fresher this way (and I can reseal these jars with my FoodSaver like this if I don't plan on using them for a while). All I wanted was a decal to distinguish the regular coffee from the decaf.
Ever notice that it is really hard to get a good photo of a glass object?
I used an image from Coffee or Tea as my starting point - the frappe one (since that is how I like my coffee the best).
I added a "D" for the decaf and flipped the other for the regular coffee. That's it! The shadow and the lines just make for easier weeding - not needed but something I like to do. I cut this from  a beige print (marbled) contact paper (I think I may have picked it up at Target).

I've been into storing and labeling items recently - I have been using the label that I designed for most everything but I thought this would look better (and the other items are in my craft room while this is in the kitchen). Just a nice change of pace.
I've been using the Dolar Tree containers  but to make them work well in my craft room (black and white accents) I am slowly spray painting the tops black with Krylon Fusion Spray Paint in satin black. I think I have painted 10 so far and I still have paint left to do some more.  I really like how it changes how the look - and really helps to mash with the room decor. A little OCD perhaps, but it's my OCD, so I can live with it.  

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